Things to Know

NOTE: Our original jackets vary in size because we use a unique combination of local fabrics on each one, and some fabrics stretch more than others. We are now starting to post individual measurements on each original jacket page. If you’d like to know exact measurements of a jacket please email and we will respond to you with numbers ASAP. Thanks for understanding that we are weird and small. Our goal is to clarify size and fit questions you have before you purchase a Vander Jacket.

Most Measurements are taken while item is lying on flat surface.

Vander Jacket |  Women's size chart
Vander Jacket |  Men's Size Chart

A great way to know your Vander Jacket size and to compare measurements would be to measure one of your own favorite jackets. Make sure to measure it on a flat surface. 

Fun Fact: If a measuring tape is not available to you, you can use a smart phone. Smart phones have a measuring app on them for convenience.

Certain DML styles run big, we suggest to size down.