"The hardest part of winter runnining is the cold. The best part of winter running is the functional, stylish, and sustainable jackets I get to wear from Vander Jacket."- Rosa

Rosa is one of our new Vander Athletes. She is a consistent trail and marathon runner who enjoys traveling and the beautiful outdoors in Colorado.

Rosa started her running journey in high school in 2006. She ran cross country and track and fell in love with competing. After high school, she continued running at Boston University and learned a lot about running, racing, and training from her coach, Bruce Lehane.

As of summer 2023, she has competed in races up to 50 miles and has recently qualified for the 2024 Marathon Olympic Team Trials.


"Y'all, not only is this vest perfect for stashing gels but it is also great for stashing tons of dog treats! And it is made from technical fabric remnants and rip stop calendura fabric and hand sewn by Denver locals, which makes Colorado loving so happy. "- Rachel

Rachel is a new 2024 Vander Athlete! Rachel first started at Vander Jacket as a contract sales rep. As time passed, our relationship grew, and we realized that Rachel would make a wonderful Vander Athlete.

Rachel has loved running since she was a kid. She ran track in middle school and got first place in her first race: the 400m run. In high school, she had highs and lows during her running journey. She was one of the slowest on the team, but she was determined to redeem that experience by running her first half marathon. In 2022, she ran her first marathon. Though it was tough, she developed a love for running.

Currently, Rachel is a Michigan-based ultra runner. She enjoys going on walks and hikes with her husband and dog, and we are thrilled to have Rachel on the team.


I am a runner originally from Littleton, CO and now living in Denver. Both my parents are runners so I got my start at an early age. My mom was even one of the coaches for my high school team. While running came naturally and I was able to make first team all state in high school, I went my own way for 6 years after high school and got back into running as an adult as a way of blowing off steam from working in corporate finance. Little did I know the people I would meet and the places it would take me. Today running helps shape my identity and my routine everyday. I run to stay healthy, to help build community, but mostly to compete. I LIVE to race my heart out. Three of my last four marathons I’ve run 2:18:27, 2:18:21, and 2:18:20, (and the other was 2:21 on a hilly windy Atlanta course for 67th place at the 2020 Olympic trials), so I’m hopeful this year I have a breakthrough marathon. I am so excited for a partnership with Vander Jacket because I believe in their mission of sourcing and shopping locally, and I’m always cold and love being in a cozy jacket.

2024 USA Olympic Trials:



Meet Troy. A great athlete and skilled runner. He is not afraid of running in the sun or the snow! Not only does he enjoy running, he’s involved with local theatre, traveling with his wife and puppy plus representing Vander Jacket!

Instagram: @Troy0330

Picture: VANDER JACKET athlete Troy Coleman finishes the Chicago Marathon 2022.

VANDER JACKET at the start of the Quad Cities BIX 7 Race, 2022


Let's go Charles! Charles is a teacher for the Cherry Creek School district. He enjoys running all over the trails of Colorado and he will more than likely have a snack in his pocket while training. His favorite Vander gear is the Mens Singlet!