I am a runner originally from Littleton, CO and now living in Denver. Both my parents are runners so I got my start at an early age. My mom was even one of the coaches for my high school team. While running came naturally and I was able to make first team all state in high school, I went my own way for 6 years after high school and got back into running as an adult as a way of blowing off steam from working in corporate finance. Little did I know the people I would meet and the places it would take me. Today running helps shape my identity and my routine everyday. I run to stay healthy, to help build community, but mostly to compete. I LIVE to race my heart out. Three of my last four marathons I’ve run 2:18:27, 2:18:21, and 2:18:20, (and the other was 2:21 on a hilly windy Atlanta course for 67th place at the 2020 Olympic trials), so I’m hopeful this year I have a breakthrough marathon. I am so excited for a partnership with Vander Jacket because I believe in their mission of sourcing and shopping locally, and I’m always cold and love being in a cozy jacket.


Meet Troy. A great athlete and skilled runner. He is not afraid of running in the sun or the snow! Not only does he enjoy running, he’s involved with local theatre, traveling with his wife and puppy plus representing Vander Jacket!

Instagram: @Troy0330

Picture: VANDER JACKET athlete Troy Coleman finishes the Chicago Marathon 2022.

VANDER JACKET at the start of the Quad Cities BIX 7 Race, 2022


Myself as a runner:

Running hasn't always been my main sport. I was a runner as a child,but I also played every sport offered to me. I fell in love with soccer primarily and ran track and cross country because I was decent at it and my mom, brother, and sister all ran too. 

Running finally became MY thing after I took 5 years away from running (post-college). In fact, my brother, sister, and mom all had aspirations to run half marathons and marathons together. I wanted nothing to do with that.

In fact, if you were to tell my middle school, high school, and college track/xc coaches that I now run marathons and sometimes ultras, they would be floored! 

Running became MY thing right around when I started working at a local running store in 2012: talking to runners daily and being able to test shoes and gear constantly, gave me the much needed inspiration to become a runner again. Because of that, running has consumed my life with positivity, health, travel, friends, and community. It's hard not to talk about running now, which I know is annoying to most, but has morphed my identity once again into a runner.

Joy of running:

I use the words MY THING a lot when referring to running because running has now become something that brings me immense joy. I choose to run. I choose how fast and how far. I choose which race I want to run and most importantly, I choose to run and keep running because of the people and places I get to experience.

I still find competing joyful. I love toeing a line and feeling the pre-race jitters and belly jumbles. 

These past couple of years, I've really decided to make running joyful. I do this by running with a variety of friends. In fact, 90% of my running is done with others. The easy 3-4 milers that I do once or twice a week on my own I still take my dog (Donna), but otherwise, I make it a priority to find a friend or 10 to run with. This is what running is all about to me! 

Favorite races:

Local races:

Colfax Relay---It's a MUST!!


Revel Rockies 1/2

Outside of Colorado:

Silver Falls 50k--gorgeous trails

California International Marathon (CIM)--scenery isn't that great but the weather and the fans are! 

Best part of being a coach

Best part of being a coach for me is creating a culture that exudes positivity, competition, and family. We have that at Revolution Running and I LOVE being a part of that family. I've made so many great friends (some that will attend my wedding), and witnessed amazing barriers broken with consistency and hard work. I've been a coach with Rev Run for close to 7 years and I honestly plan on continuing for life. 

I've learned so much from the runners and I continue to meet new people who join each season. This is my social hub! 

Instagram: @Amydoobs

Amy’s Racing Schedule

1/29 Yeti Chase

4/2 Cherry Blossom Race in Washington DC

5/21 Colfax Marathon Relay

5/29 Bolder Boulder


Lets go Charles!