"I make one-of-a-kind running jackets with an abundance of function for serious distance runners.
My goal is to honor the stylish urban people and places in our city by creating keen running jacket designs."

- Sarah Vander Neut

Each Vander Jacket original is designed and individually sewn by the CEO, in Aurora, Colorado. Vander Jackets are made of quality materials found in the United States. 100% of the fabric used is locally sourced from the Denver area. 92% of the fabric used is sourced on the secondary market, as bolts of unused fabric, then cut up and sewn into jackets made from scratch. We reduce the local excess fabric that is neglected in our area. Now that's responsible! All jacket construction is done locally in Denver, at the hands of runners and skilled sewing experts. We are proud that our company has Denver at it’s heart. We want to give back to the community by keeping all aspects of the supply chain right here in the Mile High City. Is this scale-able? Nice question…. Stay tuned and we will all find out!

Vander Jacket |  Woman Owned Business

Woman Owned Business

Vander Jacket |  Hand Crafted

Hand Crafted

Vander Jacket |  Eco-Friendly


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Want to try on my jackets, but you aren't able to make it to one of my events?
Please email me and we can set up a visit to my home studio in Aurora, where you can try on all the jackets and make a good decision without any pressure.

News Stories

"An avid runner, Vander Neut needed a jacket to wear during workouts while pregnant in 2011. Unable to find a jacket that fit, she designed her own, laying the groundwork for Vander Jacket. After her daughter was born and she no longer needed the pieces she’d made, she sold her creations at a local flea market. Demand from fellow athletes was immediate.

Nearly 10 years later, Vander Neut has produced more than 1,000 custom jackets and vests for men and women, all sold through her website. A small team in Colorado produces her pieces using as many materials sourced in the U.S. as possible."

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